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Double - The New Way of Telecommuting

The Double gives you a physical presence instantly while you cant be there in person.

The Double is your perfect solution to reduce travel and improve remote conversations.

Now Available across India, exclusively through Artiligent.



Add a physical presence to your meetings.

Take part in remote office events, training.

Meet your office visitors even while you are away.

Interact closely with staff on the production floor

Participate in Trade Fairs, Product Launches remotely


Learn with double

Allow your students to attend Lectures, Workshops, Seminars remotely.

Provide remote library services and campus tours.

Faculties can continue to teach students even if they relocate.

In-classroom experience to home-bound, hospitalized students.

A new and innovative experience for distance learning.


double in medicare 

Attend to patients in remote hospitals and healthcare centers.

Specialists can manage multiple centers remotely.

Medical representatives, dietitians, para-medicine practitioners, Physiotherapists can remotely tend to patients while on unscheduled postings.